The Experience of Speed

Srofauto Racing Designs offers an opportunity for those that feel like racing, or would just like to try out their driving talents. They can feel the unique experience of speediness by driving a 240 h.p. sports car in secure conditions, without endangering others people's lives.


The theoretical part of the course offers the possibility to learn about handling a racing car, the basic rules of car racing, and to acquire some technical driving knowledge.

During the practical part of the course, with the help of an instructor, participants start to gain possession over horsepower.

Those that do not wish to drive themselves, are given the chance to feel the ecstasy of speed as passengers. Instruction is done by experienced car-racers.

Possible racetracks

Gokartring (
Euroring (
Kakucs Ring (
Pannónia Ring (
Hungaroring (

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