Company history 


Sróf Szabó Zoltán, ötszörös magyar bajnok

The founder of the team, Zoltán 'Sróf' Szabó, fivefold Hungarian champion, started car racing in 1981.

Preparing his car for the race has been at the very least as important for him as driving.

Sróf Forma Easter

He built Srof Forma Easter; the first entirely self-designed car in 1986, and drove it with excellent results in the Hungarian National Team.

Európa szerte ismert osztrák versenyzõ és konstruktõr, Walter Pedrazza

This was the period when he made friends with the Europe-wild well known and famous Austrian car racer, Walter Pedrazza, became his colleague, and in whose garage he successfully worked on the construction of sports car prototypes.

In 1992 he established Srofauto Racing Designs, his own independent firm engaged in designing, developing and constructing racing cars. Its number one business partner is Pedrazza Motorsport, but the company productively has cooperated with other racing teams.

In 2006 the son of the founder, Endre Szabó joint the team as planner and producer of the new car frames.

We finished the Srof S5 sports car in 2010.
In the chassis can be installed any different engine and transmission.
The first car with Formula Renault engine and transmission has been built for Conrad Racing Sport.

The production of carbon chassis started in 2012.

We made Srof S6 sports car at the end 2016
wich type is the carbon chassis version of Srof S5
This model is available from 2017.

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